Friday, 17 February 2012

Teaching this week while slightly under the weather

It is amazing how much of a difference a minor ailment can make in the teaching process. I was a bit under the weather from a head cold, presumably a gift from my kids.

It seemed to affect me in three ways. First, I simply couldn't talk as clearly or as enthusiastically. And I could almost hear an echo in my head, which was disconcerting.

Second, I found focusing on preparatory work more difficult. This was partly just tiredness, I think, but also that I didn't feel as engaged with the topics, or as comfortable with the lecture materials I had prepared.

Finally, I felt tired in the actual lectures, and wanted to be finished sooner. I have little doubt that some students were aware of it, and in two of my classes I specifically mentioned that I wasn't operating at 100%.

I have a two week break in my Edinburgh courses, during which my students will be working hard to make progress on their coursework for assessment. I will be travelling to London to meet with research colleagues and pitch in on some teaching activities at Imperial.

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