Thursday, 8 December 2011

Teaching in 2012

I'll be teaching three courses at the University of Edinburgh in Term 2 of the 2011/2012 academic year. Those courses are:

MSc Informatics Entrepreneurship and Design of the Digital Marketplace This course provides Informatics and ACE/ECA students an opportunity to explore entrepreneurship linked to their study interests. Students actively investigate a commercial opportunity of interest and develop a plan for how that opportunity could be addressed.

MSc/MBA Green Entrepreneurship In this course, we examine the concept of green or socially responsible entrepreneurial activity, to understand both how it is similar and distinct from "traditional" entrepreneurial activity. Students assess both existing green entrepreneurs and businesses and explore a green opportunity of their choice.

MSc/MBA The Entrepreneurial Manager This is a more traditional Masters' level course addressing the variety of contexts in which entrepreneurial activity takes place: new ventures, intrapreneurship, family business, government, and social organizations.

--- The combination of courses provides a fascinating opportunity to consider how students approach and understand different interpretations of entrepreneurship across distinct contexts.

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